Online learning takes great content and makes it available anywhere on any device.

Our eLearning solutions and courseware offers transformed teaching and learning experiences.

The 13 Benefits of eLearning

1. Any smartphone or device, anywhere, anytime.
2. The most effective way of training and sharing knowledge
3. 70% more cost-effective than standard classroom-based training
4. Reduced travelling cost both for trainers and trainees
5. Trainees are not removed from the workplace for long hours at a time
6. Gives great convenience and flexibility to employees and learners. They
have the freedom to learn at their own convenience, at their own pace, anytime.
7. eLearning Courseware is available 24/7
8. Courseware can be refreshed and updated whenever needed
9. Reduction of the “Carbon Footprint” – printing is eliminated completely
10. eLearning better suits the millennial workforce with the ability to present a continuous learning experience.
11. Geographic independence: Courses can be conducted from anywhere and it further allows for courses to be taken off-line to places without Internet access.
12. eLearning Courseware is easy to use. Once the student is familiarized with the web interface environment the course material is easily accessible.
13. eLearning makes it easy to track and report on learner progress


To keep staff and students as productive as possible, an e-Learning platform has to be provided that works across cloud and on-premise equipment inclusive of tablets and mobile devices.


The VUCA e-Learning solution allows staff members and students to learn at their own pace and allows course administrators to view the status and progress of each learner.


Providing staff members and students with access to training resources required to get their job done means ensuring they have access to training material wherever they are on any device at any time.

Neighbourhood Marketing Tips

Most retailers serve a market of potential customers that live within 10 minutes of their store. So all of their marketing efforts should be directed at reaching those customers.

R590.00 per person OR R550.00 per person for 50 learners or more.

Customer Service

We need to connect to our customers, understand what they are looking for and then deliver it in the most effective, friendliest way possible.

R290.00 per person OR R250.00 per person for 50 learners or more.